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About the Colorado Beverage Association

The mission of the Colorado Beverage Association is to promote a healthy business environment in Colorado, so members of the beverage industry can continue to have a strong and vital presence in our communities. The Colorado Beverage Association represents the members of the non-alcoholic beverage industry in their relations with federal, state and local governmental officials and regulatory bodies.

Additionally, the Colorado Beverage Association strives to support the members of the industry in their communities by being an authoritative source of information about non-alcoholic beverages. We are the premiere trade association for the Colorado non-alcoholic beverage industry.

For many years, our members have manufactured and distributed carbonated soft drinks, and we were known and recognized as the soft drink industry. But nothing stays the same forever, and our members have developed many new lines of products besides carbonated soft drinks.

Our members provide the public with a wide range of non-alcoholic beverages from bottled water to fruit drinks and juices to sports drinks as well as our traditional carbonated soft drinks.

Traditional drinks now include no-calorie, low-calorie and mid-calorie drinks including caffeinated and caffeine-free versions.

The Colorado Beverage Association represents the diverse nature of the non-alcoholic beverage industry.



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