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Americans love variety, and they consume a wide ranging and very diverse number of beverages. According to the most recent statistical information (2003), about 13% of American beverages contain alcohol. The remaining 87% consists of bottled water, carbonated soft drinks, milk, coffee, tea, fruit beverages, sports drinks, vegetable juices, powdered drinks and tap water.


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"There is a difference between mineral and spring water. The former must contain a minimum of 2000 parts per million dissolved minerals, whereas the later just comes from a natural spring. Both can be carbonated or not. In some countries mineral and spring waters must be bottled at the source and in others it may be transported and bottled elsewhere."



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Long known and recognized as the carbonated soft drink industry, our members have developed many new product options from bottled water to sports drinks to and fruit juices and continue to provide the classic American carbonated soft drinks. We have become the Colorado Beverage Association to better reflect and represent the wide variety of products that our members produce and provide.

Our Mission

The mission of the Colorado Beverage Association is to promote a healthy business environment in Colorado, so members of the beverage industry can continue to have a strong and vital presence in our communities. The Colorado Beverage Association represents the members of the non-alcoholic beverage industry in their relations with federal, state and local governmental officials and regulatory bodies. sport energy drinks

Additionally, the Colorado Beverage Association is the premiere trade association for the Colorado non-alcoholic beverage industry and offers our members a neutral medium to discuss the emerging issues in the industry.


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